INSORB Skin Stapler

INSORB Skin Stapler

The patented INSORB® skin stapler is a sterile, single patient use device that deploys 30 absorbable staples, sufficient to close an incision up to 21 cm in length. Features of INSORB Skin Stapler:

    • Rapid, simple closure
    • May reduce operative time vs. subcuticular sutures1
    • Eliminates percutaneous insult
    • Improved comfort & cosmesis
    • May result in less pain immediately post-op in c-sections2
    • No percutaneous metal staple removal
    • No suture knots
    • Evidence of reduced wound complications vs. metal staples in c-sections3
    • Eliminates risk of needlestick injuries at the time of closure4

Parts & Accessories

2030 INSORB Absorbable Skin Stapler – Box of 6

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