Hoyte Sacro Tips for Sacrocolpopexy / Sacrocervicopexy

Mesh placement during sacrocolpopexy or sacrocervicopexy can be cumbersome and time-consuming. The Hoyte Sacro Tips, used in conjunction with the Advincula Arch® Handle, supply constant tension that facilitates minimized tissue migration during mesh attachment. Hoyte Sacro Tips offer a number of unique benefits: • Contoured tips designed to fit securely and comfortably in the vagina, facilitate separation from the bladder and rectum, and create a surface for streamlined suturing. • Hoyte Sacro Tips connect to the Advincula Arch Handle and are designed to provide tactile feedback as cephalad pressure is exerted. • The Sacrocervicopexy tips provide a solid base area for the cervix, facilitating easier placement and suturing of the mesh. • Ideally suited to work with the ALLY Uterine Positioning System®, the Hoyte Sacro Tips provide static control and optimal exposure while suturing.
Parts & Accessories
LH-SCOLPO-LRG Hoyte Sacrocolpopexy Tip – Large, Single-use (3/Box)
LH-SCOLPO-SML Hoyte Sacrocolpopexy Tip – Small, Single-use (3/Box)
LH-SCERV-LRG Hoyte Sacrocervicopexy Tip – Large, Single-use (3/Box)
LH-SCERV-SML Hoyte Sacrocervicopexy Tip – Small, Single-use (3/Box)

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