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Cesta Solutions the Indian multinational, spearheads pioneering efforts in medical technology and innovation, with trust, our products and systems are certified. In order to maintain our commitment, we continuously improve our products and systems.

CESTA solutions- Strengthening India

As an Indian manufacturer of sustainable and quality medical equipment, we at Cesta Solution Medical Technologies are well-equipped with the most comprehensive portfolio of affordable healthcare solutions ranging in Cardiology, Critical Care & Surgery, Imaging, Mother & Child Care, Homecare as well as Consumables & Accessories. Headquartered in the Indian city of Bangalore, we have a large team of R&D that strides to design and develop medical devices as per the latest product features and offerings. We are constantly intensifying our efforts of incubating many new products.

As a company, we are committed to the vision of our respected PM of making India Atma-Nirbhar (Self-Reliant). Our manufacturing facility is in the city of Palakkad and conforms to highest standard of quality that ensures accuracy and patient safety. To cement our focus on making in India, we are setting up one more manufacturing facility in Bangalore with lots of investment for vertical integration of many of our products. Along with the Government’s support in terms of outlining favourable regulations & PLI scheme, we are marching towards self-reliance in the space of medical devices. We remain steadfast to local manufacturing and dedicated to offering value for money solutions to our customers and thereby enhancing the lives of our patients. Our goal is to provide quality and cost competitive solutions to domestic as well as global customer base.

Since our inception, we have constantly strived to meet high-quality standards driven by manufacturing. We work towards making Indian lives better, healthier, and happier and making it truly Atma-Nirbhar in years to come.

Electro surgery

What is Electro surgery?

Electro surgery is a technique often used in a medical or surgical context. An electrosurgical generator along with accessories are intended for cutting, coagulation, vessel sealing and resection of live tissue using monopolar and bipolar electrodes with high frequency electric current.

Electro surgery can be used in multidisciplinary surgical procedures such as Gynecology, Urology, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic surgeries, Onco-surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, Spine and Neuro-surgery, Orthopedic, Ophthalmic, ENT, Maxillofacial, Dental surgery and other general surgeries.


Electrosurgical Equipment

During surgical procedures, surgeons use an electrosurgical unit (ESU) to cut and coagulate tissues. ESUs generate electric current at high frequency at the end of an active electrode. This current cuts and coagulates tissue. It is easy to use this equipment in several surgical procedures.

BPL SurgiX VS1 is a high-performance electrosurgical solution with unique features such as advanced feedback technology, personalized settings and safety monitoring – an exemplary solution for multiple specialty ORs.


CESTA Solutions offers an impressive range of X-Ray Imaging solutions comprising of Diagnostic X-Rays and Digital X-Rays, designed for modern-day clinical settings and routine examinations with user-friendly features and a smaller footprint. Advance your workflow with BPL Digital X-ray Systems, which gives you freedom with easy upgrade options.

With  Diagnostic X-Ray systems, you can opt for mobile/fixed high-frequency or line-frequency models with options to control exposure time, dose and safety parameters. Wireless and wired system ensures best performance & workflow, maintains sensitivity, image quality and versatility.


We are always within your reach.

With our wide-spread network of professionals across India, CESTA Solutions is ready to help you plan, and provide strong support in creating the most effective path for your imaging needs. There’s one for every budget, workflow and environment. Get in touch with us so we can help you select the DR model that is best for your facility and your workflow.

With ongoing technological advancements and significant cost reductions with regards to purchasing, processing and storage of traditional film, digital X-ray systems have rapidly become the preferred choice amongst many healthcare professionals.

While both CR and DR imaging techniques use digital technology for X-ray imaging and pose significant advantages over the traditional screen-film radiography, what is the difference between DR and CR X-rays? And which would be a better choice for your practice?

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