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Cesta Solutions the Indian multinational, spearheads pioneering efforts in medical technology and innovation, with trust, our products and systems are certified. In order to maintain our commitment, we continuously improve our products and systems.

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Home Care

The care cycle doesn’t always end at the hospital and that’s the very reason


Small things add great value. Quality consumables from BPL add value to

Mother & Child Care

At BPL, we ensure you don’t miss a beat in bringing safe & gentle care into the most

Critical Care and Surgery

We understand that every second is critical when it 


Built on world-class technologies, our imaging rang includes C-ARMs, fixed and mobile X-rays


Proven products provide more effective and cost-effective infection control and improve patient care.

C – RAY Prime

With its unique TouchX technology, a new dimension of surgical imaging, enabling real-time fluoroscopic display, real-time image management, laser aiming operation, digital preview collimation and more via touch control panel. It has an excellent design for easy handling and can be used in a variety of clinical applications. Equipped with a 40 KHZ, 3.5 KW high frequency generator, the C-Ray Prime provides a premium low-dose surgical imaging experience.


From intensive care to m-health, Cestasolutions is the first

choice for interdisciplinary total solutions


Most intensive care units are sizable sterile areas with a high concentration of specialized, technical and monitoring equipment for the care of critically ill patients

Discover Aerogen Solo

Improving respiratory patient outcomes through more effective inhaled medication delivery


Surgeon Support

Our portfolio of high-quality surgical and laparoscopic instruments was founded on the specialized

No other Indian company has such a deep and extensive tradition of innovation in medical technology as Cesta Solution Medical Technologies.

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Plot No. 3A/10A, Shop No.01, Sector-3A, Rachna, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, UP. – 201010